Better An Oops Than A What If?

A few years ago, I began pursuing an interest in “upcycling” and started collecting vintage items that I loved to repurpose them to sell. After countless hours of binge watching Flea Market Flip, Money for Nothing, and Salvage Dogs, I found myself tinkering around with some basic home projects. I am going to just go ahead and answer your questions—YES, I am a huge Fixer Upper fan and basically believe that I am somehow related to Chip & Jo (I may have double checked Ancestry.com, wink wink).

On another note, the small step towards a hobby endeavor was just tugging at me. After researching a few places in the area that rented out booths, I took the plunge and launched my booth with a few measly items that I had stashed away in my laundry room, The Junk Drawer was born!


After now being open for a little over a year, I decided to give my little business a boost. I am launching this new website THE JD GIRL (aka The Junk Drawer Girl) where I can document my creative story. So, I hope you follow along for fun photos, market day events, and at home do-it-yourself tips.

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