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5 fun “Fixer Upper” Shows to Watch

vintagetvDo you find yourself flipping through Netflix when there is nothing on tv? Are you cuddled up on the couch watching it rain? Well, do you want or need some home inspiration? When I am not scrambling around putting my own projects together or staging other homes, I take the time to research what’s trending in the interior design world! There are tons of fixer upper shows (no, I don’t mean THEE Fixer Upper) that are pretty amazing and totally binge-worthy! I love Chip and JoJo just as much as the next person, but sometimes you need a new perspective when it comes to vintage inspiration and home renovations!

#RehabAddict with Nicole Curtis

Curtis takes her viewers through the entire home renovation and restoration process. Based in Michigan and Minnesota, Nicole highlights the buying process for historic homes, the well thought out renovation plans and the restoration execution. I love that she saves authentic home features and saves the look of the original period. Her heart for restoring homes is evident in the show and her knowledge of historic homes is clearly her strong suit. Viewing on HGTV and the DIY Network, I love watching her restore the homes to their former glory!

#SalvageDawgs with Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside of Black Dog Salvage

Kulp and Whiteside are refreshing to watch as they tear down old mills and barns only to create new purposeful materials. Salvage Dawgs is based in Roanoke, Virginia and like the name are SALVAGE warriors! The dawgs reclaim architectural elements from historic buildings and reuse them for different purposes. From re-purposing paneled doors into a book shelf (Season 4, Episode 3) to salvaging banisters and mantles in Christianburg (Season 7, Episode 11) these men know how to preserve the past!

#OpenConcept with Ashley and Whitney of Shanty 2 Chic

Ashley Turner and Whitney Gainer are not only sisters, but a dynamic on-screen duo. Focusing on functionality is a top priority for these style mamas. S2C shows us pairing newly built furniture with older vintage items can be done! Their staging techniques and open floor concepts leaves me gawking for a BIGGER house!

#MoneyforNothing with Sarah Moore

Moore gets down and dirty in this do-it-yourself “er” dream show! This BBC TV Series features Sarah Moore, a UK interior designer that re-purposes trash into high-end sell-able items. She basically makes dumpster diving look cool. Her literal “trash to treasure” motto amazes me and her final products are so inspirational, I drool! Not only is Sarah fun and quirky, she has a heart of gold and gives the proceeds back to the families that threw the items away in the first place.

#FleaMarketFlip with Lara Spencer

This is one of my favorites and I think I have watched and re-watched every episodes a hundred times! Spencer coordinates two teams to salvage items, up-cycle them and then sell them at the same market they went shopping at. This shows highlights re-purposing at its finest and the contestants are widely creative. Spencer offers advice about restoration pieces and competitive pricing to each of the pairs throughout the show. The team with the most profit at the end—wins!

Do you watch any of these home design shows? Let us know some of our favorites!

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