Beginner Series, Farmhouse

Creating Texture with Picture Frames

texture.pngHave you ever found yourself gawking at the beautiful pages of Better Homes and Garden magazine or daydreaming about meticulously decorated home interiors? I do! I find myself constantly scrolling through Pinterest for home decor ideas (let’s face it…hours on end). Texture has always been the one area that lacks in my home. I am not a huge fan of funky patterns, bright colors, or huge statement pieces….but I have learned that you can still have amazing rooms by layering textures.

antiqueThe first way to add simple textures is through an eclectic collection of frames. Do you have an old frame from your grandparents, a vintage piece you found at an antique show or a frame that you just picked up from a garage sale? You can combine these frames create a fun display of antique or vintage style.

neutralsYou can also create a monochromatic farmhouse look with neutral textures. Find frames within the same color family but in a variety of hues. This will create a light and whimsical look or a darker rustic look depending on the shades you choose to incorporate. This is a great way to tie together color and black and white photos in one place.

colorAs many people know, I am not a relatively huge fan of bright pops of color. I feel it takes away from the classic farmhouse/vintage feel. That does not mean that I hate color completely. I just choose to tie in subtle colors that match the neutrals I have throughout the house. My favorite neutral colors are dark grey and slate. I use pale and muted blues to draw out the silvery shades of the natural grey.

themed.pngYou can also create texture through themed framed collections. Since, we live in Southwest Florida, this beachy themed collection has a vintage feel that also incorporates colors and hues. You can do this for other themes that are more antique, rustic, or even a bohemian.

Displays with simple layers of texture can be created by adding frames with different wood grains, metals, and stone. Creating a range of various hues and shades create depth and highlights natural neutrals throughout the house.

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