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How to Add Pots to Any Farmhouse

add plant.pngWhen I had my first apartment, I experimented with home decor DAILY. I was obsessed with making it my own. I tried combining patterns, adding new colors, taking away too many colors. . .my place looked like a modge podge of crazy home items! Then, I moved into an actual house and to say I have scaled back would be an understatement. Over the years, I have learned to live minimally with a few truly valuable, sentimental, or functional pieces. When I shop for home decor items now, I think how I can use it and what is the purpose of having this in our home. I tend to stray away from bright colors or soft pastels. I stick with my neutrals.

I have found that mix and matching with just neutral colors allows me to focus on the texture and look of the actual object instead of focusing so highly on its color. I am by no means a gardener and I think I have killed more cacti than my mother (sorry mom, props to your strong artificial plant game)!  Adding plants to the home has always been a big struggle—I’m constantly debating if the my fake “plants” actually look real enough.

I love the farmhouse look and suggest to stick with neutral pots if you are trying to achieve this feel. Let’s start with the whites. . .

white planter.png(L to R): Rae Dunn– I love the simple clean look of these porcelain white pots. Dunn’s unique font and signature style is perfect for any farmhouse room- and who doesn’t love those cute sayings? Target– This is a smaller version of some larger topiaries that they offer. Anything in mini size gets my vote. Ikea– If you are looking for a more vintage feel, Ikea’s classic white pots have an adorable lace design that are truly romantic. Home Goods– With their continuously changing inventory, you are sure to find something you will love. This artificial pot is perfect for a quaint corner or book shelf.

Moving on to the never wavering impression of terracotta. . .

terracotta plant.png(L to R): Home Depot– Offering terracotta pots in almost any size (including minis) you can be sure to mix these clay babes in any room. Tip: After purchase, leave them outside for about a week to get natural age on them. Wipe them off with a dry cloth and place indoors for the perfect antique look. Lowes– These are great if you have small kids. They are made of plastic and come in several colors and plant types. You can easily wash them by running them under the sink or with a wet wipe! Better Homes & Garden- This trip is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and they come already grungy with age. Etsy– These adorable pots in three sizes are handmade and stamped with their production date. They may not be antiques, but a modern twist doesn’t hurt. Old Time Pottery– These are perfect for a whitewash look. Dull in color, these pots can be added to a room with pops of color.

Up next, gawking for galvanized planters. . .

galvanized(L to R): Home Goods– this take on an antique chicken feeder if perfect for window sills, herb gardens, or individual succulents. Sears– these adorable galvanized and stone bottom planters are for larger sized plants. Old Time Pottery– Hanging planters are great for adding greenery to gallery walls, hallways, and staircases. Walmart– This shiny threesome includes a small tray perfect for coffee tables! Wayfair– By ordering online, you can get this pair of outdoor planter stands for the porch or that sun room you need to dress up.

Sticks and stones may. . . well ya knowstone pots.png

(L to R): Home Goods– stone plants can be placed in rustic and vintage urns. Target: this color block planter brings a modern farmhouse feel. Walmart– this cuties are one of my favorites. They look great on a wooden mantle or on nightstands in the master bedroom. Old Time Pottery– made completely of mortar, this planter is heavy but looks wonderful next to a front door entrance.

Still not convinced. . .neutrals can still have charactercharacter pots.png

(L to R): Wayfair– wooden planter boxes for herbs gardens are a great way to mix the old with the new. Perigold– these handmade to order, custom clay planters are dramatic and completely farmhouse. Antique Store- find completely unique planter boxes like this old antique greenhouse cage. Add in your own plants or use it as a showcase for some of your favorite reads. Amazon– using clay teapots for pops of character are wonderful for a truly unique home. TargetMagnolia Home offers a great selection of spring/summer pots that will surely add that “Gaines” look to your home.

Using neutrals creates an upscale, high-end farmhouse feel without being overly in your face rustic. You can always add pops of color to coordinate throughout your home when you have neutrals as you base, making it easier to change out the little seasonal decor.

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