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Creating a Wedding Color Scheme

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When I finally got over the shock of getting engaged and saying the word fiance for the first time, I was hit with a flood of emotional STRESS! But hey, who said a wedding wasn’t stressful? One of the first items on our planning checklist was to create our wedding color scheme or theme.

Justin (J) and I sat down and asked ourselves some basic questions before nailing down our colors. What are our favorite colors? What colors/themes do we not want? Will our wedding be indoor or outdoor? What kind of venue do we want? What time of the year do we want to get married?

All of these question really should be answered before narrowing down your color scheme. The answer can be very helpful and can have a huge impact on the overall mood of your wedding. Here were our answers. . .

What are our favorite colors? What colors/themes do we not want?

J and I both love the color green, sea-foam green and mint respectfully! I am not a fan of pink, red, or orange and J really doesn’t like yellow. We also decided that we wanted to stray away from a typical Florida wedding–so a beach theme was out. I love antiquing (um, hence the nickname Junk Drawer girl!) so we liked the idea of doing a vintage theme.

Will our wedding be indoor or outdoor?

We both love the outdoors and the activities that come with the Florida lifestyle. We decided against a traditional church ceremony and opted for a modern outdoor wedding. We wanted something lush and calming-so naturally “garden” popped into my head. At this point, with only one question in–we decided that green would automatically be one of our colors.

What kind of venue do you want?

After deciding on an outdoor wedding, we needed to make sure we had a specific idea in mind. We talked about how elegant, traditional, and rustic we wanted it to feel. We finalized that we wanted a vintage garden themed wedding.

What time of the year do we want to get married?

Originally, we had planned for a fall wedding, but due to some uncontrollable circumstances, we moved it to April, a spring wedding! This actually worked better for us when coming up with the other colors for our palette. We didn’t want fall colors and spring felt more garden like anyway.

color2.pngAfter much contemplation, we came up with the palette, making sure to only stick to a few colors that we absolutely loved!

We decided to go with a eucalyptus green, a slate grey, dusty blue, and ivory. We wanted it to be very simple and clean. When we created our color scheme, we knew it would be very important that we really LOVED these colors because they are the basis of coordination for everything else: decor, flowers, invitations, venue, etc. We knew that these colors would coordinate perfectly with items we knew we already wanted to have at our wedding.


The Do’s:

  • Stick with 2 to 4 colors
  • Consider location (mountains, beach, church, backyard, etc.)
  • Consider season (fall, winter, spring, or summer)
  • Consider type of wedding (casual, black-tie, sophisticated, laid back, etc.)
  • Pick one of your favorite colors as a starting point

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