The Recipe Collection

The Collection

I recently got married to an amazing man who supports me in every endeavor I attempt. One who even smiles through burnt side dishes, take out menu ordering (on my behalf) and too many nights of boxed cereal dates!

My goal is to FEED my husband before he completely collapses from sheer starvation! Although, I am an awful cook as many people know and hate spending time in the kitchen, I have always been a lover of cookbooks. My grandmother always had them stashed on a small wooden shelf in her lightly yellow painted Carolina home.

One of my earliest memories of being in the kitchen, is when I would visit my “Gramie” and we would make homemade play dough. As I got older, the brightly food colored play dough turned into aromas of beautifully canned peaches. Somehow in the last ten years, my desire to cook vanished.

So. . . my husband acquired a recipe book from his grandmother after she passed and just recently did I learn that she was an amazing baker! After riffling through my collection of antique, vintage, and new cookbooks- I found a few recipes I wanted to try.

Long story short, my goal for this year is to complete every recipe in one cookbook by the end of the year (sort of a modern Julie & Julia moment) and I am calling it THE COLLECTION. It is meant to be a collection of recipes and reviews as I attempt to teach myself to cook.

The Book- Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines 2018 edition.

The Challenge- 196 days, 142 recipes

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