The Recipe Collection

Simple Orange Scones

IMG_0768As I thought about the first recipe I wanted to attempt for The Collection, I knew I wanted to make something that I was excited about—ya know, to start out with a sort of BANG! I love breakfast foods so since most recipe books are broken down into different categories, I assumed this cookbook would be the same.

Let’s first introduce the cook book that will be the star of this collection. As a lover of antiques, vintage items, and Fixer Upper. . .I decided to start my cooking endeavors trying to master Magnolia Table by thee Joanna Gaines. The cookbook itself is broken down into several categories like: breakfast, lunch, soups & salads, appetizers & starters, side dishes, dinner, and desserts. It also has a very thoughtful introduction to kitchen tools and pantry staples that are wonderful for first time cooks like myself. I also found towards the back of the book a wonderful conversion table.

IMG_0728IMG_0736As I thumbed through Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines, it only seemed fitting that I landed on Orange Scones (pg. 61) These sounded easy enough and the picture was elegantly rustic which instantly had my mouth watering! Also, a dead giveaway for Floridians who are surrounded by citrus groves. Since Florida oranges are so popular it seemed fitting that beautifully glazed orange scones would be my first choice to try.

IMG_0740The ingredients: all-purpose flour, an egg, baking powder & soda, butter, maple syrup, orange juice & zest, salt, sour cream, sugar and my favorite vanilla. I actually used my aunt’s homemade vanilla recipe which is simply divine (another possible recipe post to come). I also wanted to give a big shout out to Thyme & Table because I love their products. They have a mini collection set that I found that includes tongs, a whisk, and spatula which I use regularly.

IMG_0765Now, one to the good stuff or should I say yummy stuff! These orange scones were a bit tricky, but remember-I am NO chef. I loved the sweet aroma of the orange zest being grated into the sugar. The smell was quite delightful and a must-make for sure. Once I combined the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, I found the dough to be quite sticky—not sure if I added too much butter or not enough flour. Either way my hands were a total mess by the end. I also found that since my dough was super sticky, it was hard to keep their triangle shape when moving it to the final cook sheets (any suggestions would be helpful)

Well. . .the finished product tasted wonderful and I could put that maple orange glaze on anything (my mouth is literally watering)! They were approved by the hubby so I am victoriously dancing in my kitchen as I finish this post.

190 days left- 141 recipes to go. . .

IMG_0773To get the full recipe you can purchase Magnolia Table @ retail stores near you or you can order directly online through Magnolia.

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