Beginner Series, Farmhouse

5 Must Haves for a Farmhouse Beginner

beginner farmhouse.pngFarmhouse style is all about a “collected” look. However, many people want that look without the years of hunting and digging for vintage finds. So, if you are not a thrift store or junking enthusiast but want farmhouse style, here are a few items you can add to your home to begin building a vintage aged look.

Vintage Crates

Antique and Vintage crates are relatively easy to find and can be highly functional pieces in your home. You can create shelving units by screwing multiple crates on a focus wall or stack them together to create custom bookshelves that add a rustic feel. By adding castors to the crates you can easily use them for under the bed storage for shoes or bags. In the living room, crates can be wonderful storage pieces for blankets and pillows. Depending on the crate size, you can use them for small side tables or night stands!

Vintage Baskets

Baskets are slowly coming back into the home decor lime light. Although, some can look like plastic or cheap…vintage baskets can bring a bit of whimsy to the farmhouse style. Classic flat round baskets can be used for wall decor displays along with the well-known and rarely found tobacco baskets. Apple baskets are another great storage solution and look great with a paint upgrade. Small chalkboard signs can be added to any basket to add customized labels and more farmhouse touches.

Vintage Enamelware

Enamelware is highly guarded and hard to find but are fun pieces to add to any vintage collection. I tend to look for white or neutral colored pieces that can go in any room of the house. Enamelware can be used as a utensil holder, a rolling-pin collections, or unique flower vases.

Architectural Salvage Pieces

This is one of my favorite ways to add vintage style to my home. Reclaimed wood can be restored into custom furniture pieces, pallet walls, and beautiful headboards. Antique corbels add character to small door ways and fun bookends in any home office. Wooden spindles can be used for blanket ladders and table legs. Always be on the look out for old door knobs and stained glass windows for one of a kind statement pieces.

Antique & Vintage Letters

Easily found in thrift stores and antique shops, letters can be used in all areas of your home. Wood, galvanized, or iron letters can be used as wall decor monograms for family names. They can be added to wreaths and shelves for custom rustic decor.

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